Wedding Trends 2019: Macramé Inspired Décor

As we all know, wedding trends come and go – and you should never, ever settle for any kind of wedding trend if you don’t actually like it. Your Big Day should be yours – it shouldn’t be copy-pasted from a glossy magazine.

Some wedding trends are actually worth looking into for inspiration – and macramé is one that’s shaping up for 2019 that’s really got our eye.

What are some of the best ways you could incorporate macramé into your Big Day next year? Here are some ideas we’ve thought of:

  • Decorations for the tables and chairs. This is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways you can incorporate macramé into your wedding décor. Even a simple design tossed on the sweethearts’ chairs or a long piece of macramé used as table runner can instantly upgrade your décor and make it feel closer to nature with its simple beauty.
  • Decorations for the ceremony. You obviously want your wedding ceremony to feel fantastic – and décor is an important element in this. A backdrop woven out of macramé can instantly make the ceremony spot more unique and more personal (and it’s perfect for those of you who want a boho-chic wedding for next spring or summer). Even more, wrapping your bouquet in macramé can make it feel more vintage and bohemian as well!
  • Decorations for the reception. Aside from tables and chairs, macramé can be used to add a dash of originality to the reception as well. For instance, macramé chandeliers are bound to give a romantic feel once the evening sets in. Alternatively, using a macramé design to decorate your bar or your dessert table will make it pop and look even more attractive to your guests.
  • Inspiration for the essentials. You don’t have to use actual macramé to incorporate this motif. For instance, fondant shaped as macramé can be used to decorate your wedding cake in a really beautiful way. Or, you could wear your macramé; macramé-like lace can be used to create a very special wedding gown – the kind that’s just perfect for a spring or summer boho-chic wedding!


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