What All Brides Should Know about Wedding Dress Alterations

Looking great in your wedding dress is, of course, one of your top priorities for the Big Day – and why wouldn’t it be, after all? You don’t get to have a superb Eastern Shore wedding every day – so you definitely want to make this event unique and unforgettable.

What are the main things you should know about wedding gown alterations, though? We have some tips for you in this direction – so read on and find out more.

  • Most brides need it. Unless your dress was specifically designed and sewn for your body, there’s a very, very high likelihood that you will need wedding dress alterations services. It is really important to plan ahead for this, as the cost of this kind of service can get as high as $400-$700 (if you want to hire someone who actually knows what to do without ruining your dress). Depending on the fabric of your dress, the types of alterations needed, and the design of the gown, the price you pay for quality alterations may vary – but do make sure you take them into account when planning your budget.
  • You will have to attend about 3 fittings, with the last one schedule about one month before the wedding date. This means that, if you are trying to lose or gain weight, you should try to set that as your end goal date. This way, the alterations your seamstress makes one month before the wedding will still be “up to date” by the time your Big Day comes.
  • Don’t forget to bring all of your accessories with you as well – specifically to the last fitting appointment. Your shoes, your wedding veil, and even your jewelry can make the world of a difference, so be sure to pack all of them with you. Also, remember to ask your seamstress about the right type of undergarments to wear with the dress – and remember to bring those with you to your last fitting as well. Doing all of these things will ensure the alterations are accurate and that you’ll wear a wedding dress that’s truly suitable for you!


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