What Foods Are Best Avoided During a Wedding?

Planning a wedding menu that’s absolutely delicious is important to you as the bride and groom. After all, it is food that brings people together – so you want to make sure everything on your wedding tables is of the highest quality.

Before you even dive into the million and one salmon variations and fancy side dishes, be sure you know what foods to avoid in your wedding menu. We have gathered some tips for you right here – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Soda and fizzy drinks. Sure, you may think these are the best options for guests who don’t drink alcohol. However, the truth is that sodas aren’t very elegant, nor are they unique – and there are many other options MUCH more suitable for your wedding. Non-alcoholic cocktails are a more elegant and unique option. And if you want something truly healthy and really unlikely to attract any insects, try fruited water (those large jars will look absolutely amazing as part of your wedding décor!).
  • Foods that stain. Lobster may be absolutely amazing, but it may not be the best food to serve when everyone is all dressed up – not because they won’t enjoy it or because the food isn’t elegant (many comfort foods are making their way into weddings, for example), but because it can very easily turn into a staining disaster.
  • Raw foods. We’re not talking about a raw veggie bar (which is actually a great idea if you want to accommodate your vegetarian friends too). We’re talking about any kind of meat or food that’s not going through a thorough cooking process. Even with the best chef on your side, a steak tartare is probably not a safe idea.
  • Foods that are just too complex. Look, we know an 8-course meal or a very fancy dish sound great – but in reality, most of your guests will be much happier with food they are familiar with (and food that won’t keep them stuck to their seats all evening). There are a million other ways to pamper your guests’ taste buds that don’t involve overly complex meals – use your creativity and you will definitely create a wedding menu that’s unique, delicious, and absolutely satisfying from every point of view.


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