What If You Want an Alcohol-Free Big Day?

Every couple is special in their own way – and every couple wants their wedding to reflect not only their style in an aesthetic sense, but also their personality and their values.

What happens if you want an alcohol-free wedding?

We have some tips to help you decide what’s best for you – so read on and find out more.

  • It is perfectly OK to have a wedding without alcohol. This is quite popular, and it goes quite well for a lot of couples. If you let your guests know from the very beginning that your event will be alcohol-free, your guests will know what to expect in this sense and they will not be surprised by the lack of drinks.
  • Keep in mind that alcohol tends to make people more bubbly and more sociable, so if you don’t want to include it in your wedding menu, you will have to make sure you encourage guests to bond and have fun through other means. Good music is one of them, board games are an excellent option too, and any form of “extra entertainment” is bound to make the event even better.
  • In terms of drinks, you have plenty of options. There are so many amazing alcohol-free cocktails out there that it would be a real pity not to give them a try and include them in your wedding! They look great, they taste delicious, and they are bound to satisfy even the pickiest guest.
  • If you want to maintain a bit of balance, you can serve just a very small amount of alcohol. For instance, you could serve just some champagne for the big speeches (enough so that people have something to clink glasses with). Furthermore, if budget is your main concern, you can always serve just wine and beer (something local will always work marvelously because it will give guests a taste of the local drinks).
  • Whatever you decide, remember that alcohol is not in any way a MUST at weddings. Is it expected? Yes, in most cases guests will expect it (unless you tell them otherwise). Is it a quintessential ingredient for a fun and unforgettable wedding? Most definitely NO!

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