What to Do with the Bridal Bouquet After the Big Day?

Your wedding day is bound to be such an amazing and emotional event in your life! Of course, you will want to keep as many souvenirs and memories from this stunning day – but what do you do with the ones that are very likely to perish in just a few days?

For instance, what is it that you can do with the bridal bouquet after the Big Day? Thanks to years and years of wedding experience and science, this is no longer a problem of whether you can do something with the bouquet after the wedding, but rather a question of what you can do. Following, we have gathered some of the most popular bridal bouquet preservation methods – so read on, find out more, and choose the one that suits you most.

  • Drying the bouquet upside down. This is probably one of the oldest and easiest ways to ensure your bouquet will survive the sands of time. You will simply have to hang the bouquet upside down in a well-aired space, and allow it to dry. Be careful, though, maneuvering the dried out bouquet should be done very gently – otherwise, your dried flowers may scatter.
  • Pressing the bouquet. This is a very old flower preservation method as well. Given that this is a large bouquet, it may take a bit more attention to detail than in other cases (e.g. preserving just one bloom). Once pressed, the bouquet can be framed – and it can make for a stunning piece of décor in your new home!
  • Preserving it using wax. This method is quite tricky, so our advice is to practice it a lot with other flowers. Essentially, you have to melt paraffin in a saucepan and dip the flowers in it very rapidly, then pull them out. Make sure you do test this on a less sentimental bouquet first – you really don’t want to ruin your actual wedding bouquet, right?
  • Preserving it the modern way. Modern flower preservationists can help you make sure your bouquet will stay alive forever. Some use silica gel to preserve the beauty and freshness of the flowers, others encapsulate the bouquet in beautiful globes. You can try the silica gel method at home as well, but it’s probably best to leave it to a pro.


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