Easton, Maryland
Easton, Maryland

4 Popular Wedding Flowers and Their Symbolism

Most couples want their wedding to be decorated in beautiful, unique ways – and flowers are almost always part of the mix. Of course, your wedding flowers should suit your style and your overall wedding vibes – but have you considered their symbols as well?

Every flower bears with it its own symbolism – and knowing what some of the most popular wedding flowers “mean” can help you make the perfect choice for your Big Day. Want to learn more about this? Continue reading below.

Wedding flowers on reception tables
  • Roses. Probably one of the most popular wedding flowers in the world (and most likely one of the blooms considered to be most romantic), roses come in various colors – and each of these colors can mean something different. For instance, pink roses are all about fertility, but yellow roses are about friendship and joy. Even more, rose symbolism has changed over the course of time (e.g. yellow roses used to stand for jealousy).
  • Baby breaths. Delicate, sweet and really versatile, these little beauties are among the best choices you can make in terms of wedding flowers. Not only do they look very cute and feminine, but they are also affordable and they are available throughout the entire year. Even more, they stand for innocence – and what symbolism more perfect is there to bring into your wedding?
  • Chrysanthemums. These lovely fall blooms come in such a beautiful variety of colors and they can make for such a stunning addition at a fall or winter wedding! Even more, they symbolize abundance and truth – which are, most likely, two of the biggest hopes you have for your future together. Why not include them in your wedding flower arrangements?
  • Hydrangeas. If you are looking for a flower that looks very luxurious and opulent, this is it. And if you are looking for a bloom that’s on the affordable side, this is it as well. The large number of colors and the “generous” vibe they provide make hydrangeas some of the most popular wedding flowers – but did you ever know they represent understanding and heartfelt emotions too? Isn’t that just beautiful as symbolism for a wedding?

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